Your own personal private banker will help you find a way to invest that best suits you, and he/she is available in all matters concerning the management of your wealth.

Together with our experts, he/she will tailor an investment portfolio for you to meet your goals, and will personally review its development with you. At your disposal , you have our comprehensive and versatile reporting tool. At our customer events, you hear about new investment opportunities and the latest developments in the market.

discretionary wealth management

In discretionary wealth management, you give us the right to invest your wealth and to make other decisions on  its management. The investment decisions are based on your unique goals and on how much risk you are prepared to bear.
Discretionary wealth management will suit you if you value ease of investment and do not want to actively participate in investment decisions yourself.

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Consultative wealth management

Your personal private banker helps you choose the most suitable investments for the management of your wealth. However, you always make the investment decisions yourself. You have at your disposal our comprehensive reporting tools. 
Find out how we invest and what kind of investments we offer and choose, either with the help of your private banker or by yourself, the investments that best suit you.

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Our Stockbroker Services is responsible for our customers’ trading in stocks and shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds and currencies, and offers the insight of our experienced portfolio managers and brokers into the best investments in these classes. For investors actively following the markets, our brokers communicate our recommendations and serve as sparring partners in the choice of investments. You are served by an extremely experienced team with decades of trading experience.

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