Aktia is an active and caring wealth manager.

Excellent wealth management always starts with listening to the customer’s needs. Our strong and long-term customer relationships help us to create solutions that are based on the customer’s own unique needs.

Wealth management as a personal service

Your private banker will be available in all matters concerning the management of your wealth.

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Institutional wealth management

We work with you to build an investment plan that meets the needs and aims of your organisation.

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Investment activity

Our investment activity is based on responsibility, diversification across asset classes and a strong investment view. 

Our customers can invest with us in different projects that create value through long-term ownership. We are the only wealth manager in Finland that co-invests together with its customers.

In addition to financial returns, we also offer our customers a way to make a positive impact on society. We are a front-runner in impact investing.

Stockbroker Services

Taaleri Stockbroker Services is responsible for Taaleri customers’ trading in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, and offers investors the insight of Taaleri’s experienced portfolio managers and brokers on the best investments in these classes.

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Taxation as part of wealth management

Tax planning is an important part of our wealth management service. We work with you to form a comprehensive picture of your current situation and your future goals.

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