Equity investments

Equity investments are a source of higher returns. We believe that the stock market can be divided into parts where different ways of operating are lucrative.

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Bond investments

Bond investments are a source of steady income, both for investors seeking security and for those seeking higher yields. For an active investor, the bond market offers more than zero interest.

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Alternative investments

Alternative investments complement traditional investments and spread risk. For the long-term investor, alternative investments are an attractive source of return in today’s low-yield environment.

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Combined solutions

The premise behind our combined solutions is to diversify the investments both geographically and over asset categories. Investment decisions rely on our market and allocation outlook. They are highly suitable as the core of an investment portfolio.

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OUR way of investing

Our investment activity is based on responsibility, diversification across asset classes and strong insight. We build portfolios using our own solutions and those of our partners. 

We do active legwork in order to find the best investment targets. We invest actively in wind and solar energy, Nordic value equities and corporate bonds, for example. 

In very efficient markets, we recommend passive and cost-effective ways of investing, such as listed index share funds.

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